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Yoga is portable. If you have been attending classes for umpteen years and have not yet made the transition to doing yoga at home, you may not have made that discovery. So, here’s another incentive talk 🙂
Nowhere is the portability of yoga practice more appreciated than when you’re on the road. Even in the most modest lodging, you’ll find space to do a few back-saving postures.
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The “hanging partial squat” or “bed chest opener” are so necessary after driving Highway 101 for many hours, as we are on this vacation. The stunning coastal scenery and adorable historic hamlets are mesmerizing, but won’t distract you from being stiff and sore at the end of the day.
The piece-de-resistance is of course legs-up-the-wall, as demonstrated by Eve (in pajamas), straight legs and splits versions for tight hamstrings and back.
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Just these four poses might be enough, at least until you get yourself to a good yoga studio for a class, as I’m looking forward to doing in a few days in the Sunset district of San Francisco.


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