I was honored today to be taken to the workplace of my friend and yoga colleague, Maarit, in the beachside community of Mona Vale, NSW.
Maarit has lovingly created a space where she can work with individual children in the her special field called therapeutic play.
Drawing on various threads over a lifetime of study – graphic design, art, yoga teaching, psychology and counseling, Maarit’s uniquely trained to work with children and adults for whom “talking therapy” may not be the most effective medium.
I got to have a go at creating a sandplay scene myself, using some of the myriad figures and pieces that Maarit has collected over the years and from different cultures and counrties. The figures can be symbolic of family or friends or even aspects of ourselves as well as situations in our lives. I found the process to be creative and evocative.
Check out Maarit’s website: www.maaritrivers.com to get a better description of what she does.