The Body/Mind Manual

Jul 11, 2011 | Health, Yoga practices | 1 comment

I often think about how there are instruction manuals for the most mundane things, things that you can figure out just by common sense.
But the body, with its complex, interrelated systems comes with no manual at all. Medical doctors study for years to be able to understand, regulate, and heal bodies, but must admit to only a cursory comprehension of this miraculous machine. Anatomists may have in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of a human body and its physiology, but not necessarily understand their own body in any way experientially.
The practice of yoga is a way of coming to terms with one’s body/mind. Over time, in the ways that yogis work with asanas, pranayama, and meditation, they write their own manuals out of the interplay of tissues and hormones and nerve impulses. A deep knowing develops that allows one to feel at home in one’s body and peaceful in one’s mind.
My friend and yoga student Maggie has been bringing her daughter Rebecca along to our Saturday morning practices because she wants her to be in the atmosphere of yoga – sort of osmose the benefits of yoga that we so appreciate.
I think Bec enjoys being with us. She’s just in it for the fun.
Most people I know who take up yoga as adults wish they had started earlier. It’s never too late, of course, and “mature age” students tend to be more highly motivated. I think it’s because they find it exciting to finally get their hands on the how-to-manual.

- the body/mind manual

Bec and her book

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  1. A picture tells a thousand words – “Bec osmosing Baddha Konasana…”


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