Be Careful What You Wish For

Jul 7, 2011 | Health, Nature | 6 comments

- be careful what you wish for

Gusty gums

Like most people, we wanted real estate with a beautiful outlook. So, we had our home built on the top of a rise. We can see mountains to the west, wildlife in the forest, green pastures and distant water views.
What we also got as a result of being so elevated is full exposure to the blustery forty-five km/hr gusts of wind that have been drying out all of the flood plain (good), as well as the cute osteospermum we planted on Monday (bad).
I wouldn’t trade our bucolic outlook for the windless quiet of a sheltered dell. I love being able to see broad horizons and big skies. But, just at the moment, I have a pesky cold/cough, that I’m sure blew in on the back of these harsh winds.
In Chinese medicine, there are acupuncture points on the neck and shoulders which are called the wind gate points. These are supposedly an entry point to muscles and joints where a cold chill can travel into your muscles.Exposed to boisterous wind conditions, you might end up with sharp neck pain and restricted movement, as well as cold symptoms like chills, headache and a runny nose.
At least my neck is pain-free so I can still do headstand and shoulderstand.
So, if you are high up on a windy hill like us, or even in one of those urban wind tunnels created by skyscrapers, be prepared. ┬áRug up, muffler up, and make sure you’ve stocked up on hot toddy ingredients.


  1. 9/10 when i am getting a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold especially when there are cold dry winds (including air conditioning on a plane) Homeopathic Aconite 30c works for me (and my Mum and others). It sounds like yours has developed beyond that Eve dear but you might want to have some on hand to try next time…

  2. sorry that should say 9/10 times, when i get…

  3. Those Entry pointof of wind are best kept covered when it is cold or windy and once the wind has entered a scarf all day and night can help. Alternatively Moxa on those points is very good . To loosen any congestion breathing in steam of eucalyptus and frequent salt gargles can be helpful. Hot lemon with Ginger slices and Manuca honey loosens any congestion. Of couse vitamin c and garlic support the immune system
    Good luck

    • Seems I need to stock up on my moxa supplies, manuka honey, and eucalypt oil. Thank you, Dr. Grebb!

  4. Hi Eve,
    According to feng shui, buildings should not be built on top on hills. The Chinese always prefer to have protection at their backs (of their buildings) so prefer to be on the side of a hill. If there is no hill for protection, they plant a bamboo grove behind the building. Of course this cautious approach means we miss the highs (views all around) as well as the lows (too much exposure). Hope you get well soon.

    • Thanks, spot on, Helen. BTW, we’re still waiting for a visit from you three! XO Eve


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