What am I doing on a Saturday night? Why I’m obviously writing a post. Does this mean I need to get a life because I’m not out socializing and/or getting some culture? I suppose this sea/tree change could be viewed as impoverished to some people.
In case you begin to feel sorry for me, this is what my rural Saturday has looked like:
* Morning yoga with Daniel, still in p.j.’s, in The Shed.
* Breakfast at the beach cafe, followed by a walk, listened to Pulitzer Prize-winning “Angle of Repose” on iPhone.
* Created no-dig gardens from old newspaper and mulch.
* Long bath to recover from gardening.
* Built fire, sat by it answering emails while dinner was prepared, then eaten and enjoyed.
* Watched episode of “Game of Thrones”.
* Back to fireside, blogging before bed, connecting with all of you!
All this in the fresh air of the country, where wildlife is bountiful, green pastures full of wooly horses and fat cows, and the pounding surf is heard from our property.
20110528-103111. Jpg
20110528-103231. Jpg


  1. Loved stories of you Eve in your new life in Paradise. Love and Light Marian (Maisi)

    • Paradise will be complete when you come visit, Maisi 🙂


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