The weather forecast for our area tells me that it’ll be 9 degrees overnight, with wind gusts of 10 km/h and maybe some more showers. I find these sort of days and nights very unpleasant.
I “rug up” as much as any human being can, layers and layers of polytherms, muffler, beanie, socks, ugh boots, and more. But when we get those mean southwesterly winds blowing callously across the island, I just want to go to ground.
On some level, I know that the more I resist the onset of winter, the more stressful I make it for myself. It’s like the painful way I get into the chilly surf – extremely slowly – instead of diving in and enjoying that briny, fresh feeling.
There was a saying around a while ago: resistance creates persistence. Instead of opening to a new experience, I tighten up, grit my teeth and wait for winter to pass.
I’m intending to not be so set in my stubborn ways and perhaps even welcome the change of the seasons. The truth is that I can fairly easily let go of resistance in yoga postures but I’m something like a raw beginner in adapting to cold weather.