I don’t really like flying; actually I don’t much like traveling. I love the new places and the new experiences once I get there, but I’m a hundred percent behind teleportation. This is coming from someone who has done the Pacific Ocean crossing from Australia to the U.S. maybe 20 times.
From someone who served with Trans World Airlines for three years as a flight attendant, with working trips to places like Reykevik, Vladavostok, Ryadh.
This time it’s only a little hop to Adelaide for the Deep Creek Women’s annual reunion, the eleventh of such gatherings. There are Shirley, Shylie, Kylie, Dianne, Sue, Jenny, Janet and myself in the group. One of us is missing. The incomparable Shelley died suddenly a few years ago from a heart ailment. We still save her a place in the group because she really is irreplaceable.
What will we do in our four days together? Talk, of course. Hey, we’re women! Each of us will have a formal time to share what has been going on in our lives: hopes, fears, successes and failures. Feelings come up, accompanied by tears and laughter.
We’ll do yoga together, eat lots, drink, have afternoon naps, walk, maybe play some games, and mainly hang out.
I wish I could convey how special each of these women are, uniquely talented, wise, cultivated in inner beauty. A privilege to know and soul nurturing to hang out with.