May 2011



Twinge sounds like such a harmless word when it’s applied to conscience, a little tweak, a tiny tickle. Perhaps so inconsequential that it can be overlooked or overridden.
Is it just me or somehow does a twinge seems more significant when it has to do with the body? My husband Daniel learned the hard way (meaning enduring many physiotherapist visits) that he needed to give due respect to any back twinges. A stab of pain works as an early warning system for what might turn out to be a storm of discomfort or even incapacitation. […]

Healthy Blood Pressure = Healthy Brain

The weekend Sydney Morning Herald, mostly bought so we can pit our brains against the quiz, also offered some fascinating anti-dementia news.
More than doing sudokus and cryptic crossword puzzles, we ought to be working on keeping our blood pressure as normal as possible.
High blood pressure contributes to vascular dementia that’s caused by having a stroke. But there is some evidence that keeping BP levels healthy can help prevent Alzheimers, too.
Where does yoga fit in? Obviously as a holistic form of exercise; it helps lower blood pressure and provides blood flow to the brain. […]

Victim vs. Victor

Victim vs. Victor

One of the great philosophy books of all time has to be Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Not only is it a brilliant description of our psyches but it offers techniques for becoming free and even enlightened.
How do we become free? By stilling the movement of the mind. Or, as Patanjali put it in Sanskrit:
Yogah Citta-Vrtti-Nirodhah.
Like many, I had a difficult upbringing. I made a decision, perhaps when I was very young, to not succumb to being a victim. […]


The weather forecast for our area tells me that it’ll be 9 degrees overnight, with wind gusts of 10 km/h and maybe some more showers. I find these sort of days and nights very unpleasant.
I “rug up” as much as any human being can, layers and layers of polytherms, muffler, beanie, socks, ugh boots, and more. But when we get those mean southwesterly winds blowing callously across the island, I just want to go to ground.
On some level, I know that the more I resist the onset of winter, the more stressful I make it for myself. […]

Paid Forward

Back in Sydney, back at Simply Yoga tonight to be taken in a class by Jen Taylor. A class, as she described, taught with a restorative approach.
Such an amazing thing to be led through a class by someone whom I’ve taught for years and then mentored as a yoga teacher. In this evening’s session, I had an experience akin to being held lovingly in my own hands. […]

Yoga Practice Rave

To me there’s nothing more that I look forward to than doing yoga first thing in the morning. Well, after my cuppa. Why bother even changing out of p.j.’s?
Even transplanted as I’ve been to Adelaide these last few days, it’s been divine practising with, and teaching a little, my six women friends here.
It reminded me how invaluable it is to have the yoga habit firmly entrenched. […]

Listen Up

Something I learned from Sue in my women’s group today. She started her sharing this afternoon by thanking us for giving her our attentive listening and said: “Unconditional love is giving undivided attention.”
Isn’t that the definition of meditation?
In doing yoga we talk about listening to our bodies, not an easy practice, if done moment by moment. There’s so much learning to be had by witnessing. Our practice of asanas, Our friends. And ourselves.
A great practice is to listen to and remember the things you say to yourself. […]


One of the things that comes out of sharing with girlfriends is discovering what you think, for one thing, and then getting accurate feedback for another (like it or not).
This is what happens at our women’s reunion that we’re having this weekend in South Australia.
Each of us may talk for an hour or so and during this time stuff comes up that may have been lying below the surface for a while, or it surfaces upon probing.
The truly beautiful thing among we seven women here is the willingness for each of us to be vulnerable. […]

Women's Reunion

I don’t really like flying; actually I don’t much like traveling. I love the new places and the new experiences once I get there, but I’m a hundred percent behind teleportation. This is coming from someone who has done the Pacific Ocean crossing from Australia to the U.S. maybe 20 times.
From someone who served with Trans World Airlines for three years as a flight attendant, with working trips to places like Reykevik, Vladavostok, Ryadh.
This time it’s only a little hop to Adelaide for the Deep Creek Women’s annual reunion, the eleventh of such gatherings. […]

For Winter – Everybody Upside-Down

For Winter – Everybody Upside-Down

Some yogis love their inverted poses while others struggle with them or find them fear-inducing. Some wonder, “Why bother?”
I admit I’m biased. I’ve been doing headstand and shoulderstand for 35 years. But I’ve also never had whiplash, compressed cervical vertebrae, or even much neck stiffness. […]