On Writing, Take Two

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- on writing, take two


Is it true that every person has a book in them? It does seem that writing a book is an endeavour many people think about and even have a go at. I’ve written two yoga books (one of them an e-book) and I confess to dreaming about penning an autobiography. I had the title – Autobiography of a Yogini – but someone has already laid claim to that one.
Since I’m still in the not-writing, daydreaming stage, maybe I should be taking a leaf from Liz Gilbert’s notebook:

“A novel is stirring in me, and I haven’t had time to give it the attention it wants but everyday I talk to it: Soon I will be with you, I want you to stay, don’t let me wake up and read in the New York Times that someone else wrote you. Stay here with me, I’m coming.”
She also says, “The world is constantly being circled as though by gulfstream forces of ideas… that want to be made manifest and they are looking for portals to come through in people. If you don’t do it, they’ll go find someone else and you’ll have to convince [the muse] that you’re serious, you have to talk to her and let her know that you’re there.”

Here’s a report from Mandy Geddes who attended the Writer’s Festival, held in Belligen, NSW, this last weekend, with a couple of reading recommendations:

Hi Eve,
Thanks for the blog post – “So you want to be a writer” – really enjoyed that one having just come from the Bellingen Writer’s Festival where we were inspired a great deal by good writing. I really noticed the difference between good and not so good writing after reading the local writers’ group anthologies.
It got the creative juices flowing but the path is no smoother and seems ever steeper!
Thought you might enjoy the picture below…my Dad’s wife Willa and I getting our books signed by the two most gorgeous and talented young authors there: Chris Womersley and Jon Bauer.  Already enjoying Chris’s “Bereft” (while Willa is reading Jon’s “Rocks in the Belly”).
Love to you,


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