Back in 2008, when I was last working as a yoga teacher trainer, I taught a course called “The Professional Yoga Teacher.” The curriculum comprised professional ethics, how to run a yoga business, occupational and health safety, and information on yoga associations and continuing professional development. The main assignment was: write and present to the group a vision plan for the next five year period.
Since “The Professional Yoga Teacher” course was usually taken in the trainees’ last term of their training, they were looking towards what/where/how they wanted to express yoga in their lives. Some of them thought they might write yoga-related articles for magazines or journals.
Having been a writer ever since I can remember, I know it’s not an easy pursuit. To write material that will make the reader think deeply or moves and inspires is an art. You take raw material, pound it into shape, roll it around, trim it, polish it, put it into a drawer, take it out the next day, and go through some of the previous steps again or throw it away and start over.