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Apr 5, 2011 | Community, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 4 comments

I feel very proud to have participated as a delegate and as a presenter at Yoga Australia’s inaugural conference this last weekend in Melbourne.
Twenty-six panel members, workshop presenters, and keynote speakers provided an incredibly rich smorgasbord of knowledge, skills, experience and inspiration. The majority of the 26 are Australian.
Over the weekend every need was catered for:
•Interesting and useful topics like, “Cogitation, Contemplation, Meditation – What’s the difference?” and “Protecting Our Professionals: Self-Care for the Yoga Teacher” were covered.
•Morning practice sessions before the day’s program began.
•Wholesome and delicious lunch fare.
•A social evening at a waterfront restaurant with entertainment provided by Marian McNaught and her students (us) in the form of a Bollywood dancing lesson.

- australian yoga teachers conference

Marian & me

- australian yoga teachers conference


I was impressed by the level of professional organisation leading up to and at the conference. Much of the work was done by volunteers, and there would have been hundreds of man/woman hours that went into the event. The cooperation among the committee members and officers was so uplifting to see, especially as these dedicated workers represent many different styles and traditions of yoga.
I loved that there was no merchandise for sale, no advertising, not any business cards or brochures. The general feeling was that we had come together “In the Spirit of Union” (the theme of the conference) to support each other personally and professionally, and not for commercial reasons.
There is talk of having another conference next year, and perhaps making Sydney the venue. I’ll keep you posted….


  1. Sounds great Eve, so pleased you went and I expect YOUR part as one of the Key Note Speakers went well too .. yes ?

    • Yes, Peter, “my part” went well and was part of the whole beautiful and colourful conference tapestry. Thanks for your distant cheering. (I heard you!) XO E

  2. Peter, Eve’s presentation on Building Community was absolutely wonderful. Eve, you are very inspirational. Your poise and grace and deep respect for Yoga was evident and I felt honoured to be present. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Gina! I hope you enjoy your Yoga Suits Her subscription. Let me know of any topics you’d like me to put forth. Hugs 🙂 Eve


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