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Mar 28, 2011 | Nature, Pleasure, Yoga practices | 0 comments

- the locals

Eastern Rosella

Roll Call of Mitchells Island Birdlife:
The kookas are the first order of the day and wake me way earlier than I want, especially when one lands on our deck, right outside my window.
Still early in the morning, as I do my practice in the Yoga Shed, I can hear one lone owl in the pine forest.
- the locals

King Parrots

Then, while I’m up-side down in headstand, I can see out the sliding glass doors to where a couple of families of king parrots are hanging right-side up around the bird feeder.
The maggies are out and about most of the day, and sometimes a single songster will stop me dead in my tracks because his song is so catchy.
The yellow-tailed black cockatoos have been mostly invisible this season, but occasionally I can hear their raucous screeching. Last year we were inundated with a cacaphony of them, flying around drunk and disorderly on their favourite diet of pine seeds.
This evening, at dusk, the eastern rosellas took their turn at the bird feeder. Their sharp, sweet sound always announces their arrival but they are so quick to depart that they’ve nearly flown off before the sound dissolves.
- the locals


On the river and beach, there are all the various water birds: pelicans, oyster catchers, little terns, ibises, herons, black swans, cormorants, sea eagles….
Funniest of all is our neighbour’s caged cockatoo who is relentless in imitating the horse’s neigh or a car engine.
Ah, the serenity….


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