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Mar 24, 2011 | Community, Humour, Yoga Media | 2 comments

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There’s a knack to marketing oneself, a too-flabby muscle I’m sorry to say I don’t even try to develop.
The yoga students yesterday laughed when I prefaced showing them the article in which “Yoga Suits Her” was listed as one of 10 great yoga blogs, by saying, “In the spirit of self-aggrandisement….” See, I had to make a little joke of it.
So, here’s another attempt at letting you know what I’m up to out in the wide world. I will be a keynote speaker at the inaugural Yoga Australia Conference in Melbourne the weekend of April 2-3. My topic is “Yoga Community”, something I’ve been involved in for at least 25 years.
I’d love it if you yoga teachers out there were able to come along for this occasion. There will be yoga practice sessions, panels and workshops with yoga luminaries, and talks, like mine. And, there will be a palpable spirit of friendliness and excitement as this conference is for yoga teachers across all traditions and styles of yoga.
Also, since I’ve never give a keynote address before, you could see how good my yogic powers of equanimity work for me in front of a big audience 🙂
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  1. Looking forward to your address at the conference Eve! If you were an actor I would say “break a leg, Darl!”, but maybe this isn’t an appropriate wish for a Yogini.
    Happy trails
    PS Lovin’ your blog.

  2. Does this mean you will be at the Conference, Sue. I’d love to see you. Thanks for the encouragement. XO E


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