Cultivating Calm

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- cultivating calm

Savasana With Block

This is a simple, effective version for restoring balance to the mind and body. I recommend that you record it to listen to. The Voice Memo Ap in an iPhone works very well for this purpose.
Lie down for Savasana with your head supported on a blanket, and a block longways between your shoulder blades. Your forehead should be slightly higher than your chin, and your chin a little higher than your chest.
Relax your eyes and let them look downward and inward. Let the movement of your eyes gradually come to a standstill. Let thinking gradually diminish so you can relax. Keep bringing your attention to softening your eyes so you calm down completely.
Your cheeks, throat and tongue are all passive. The brick supports the centre of your chest, so it can relax. Allow your chest to gently widen out to the sides with each inhalation. Keep the centre of your chest soft.
Let your eyes look into your chest from the inside. Draw your eardrums inwards. The inner channels of your ears reach in to listen, to feel with an inner sense of hearing. Listen to the quiet.
Keep your tongue relaxed, eyes looking down.
Let your forehead be passive and your temples quiet. With the brick supporting your chest, your ribs move out freely laterally each time you breathe in. Let the skin fibres of your chest soften and the sides of the sternum relax, so your ribs move without restriction.
Let go of the weight of your head and soften the skin on your temples. Let your brain cells recede downwards, and as they recede, give your attention to the exhalation phase of your breath. Allow for a downward flow of your breath from your chest towards your legs. Keep attending to your exhalation, and feel it from the crown of your head down to your legs.
Don’t force the exhalation. Just allow it be whatever length it is. Keep letting your brain cells, the cellular body, the skin fibres, the muscle fibres recede – especially the muscles fibres, the skin fibres, everywhere over your body.
Release any gripping on the inside, as well as any inner tensions in the skin and muscle fibres. As you let go, all becomes calm.
With your chest supported, your breath comes easily. You can be absolutely quiet, pensive. Let your brain cells, the nerve fibres become absolutely passive, no fluctuations from inside, no hardness from inside, no gripping in the lower jaw. The lower jaw is slack with the lower lip down. The abdominal skin, just below the chest, and the diaphragm descend, too. Your exhalations, all your energy descending down, like a small waterfall that curves gently from a higher level to a lower level, descending and flowing downward.
Stay quietly for a while longer, breathing with slow, steady and pensive cycles.


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