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Tonight, after class, I farewelled a couple of my students who have round-Australia trips planned. One, who is traveling with her partner, will be gone indefinitely. The other will be journeying with her partner and daughter for 3 months.
There were seven of us having drinks (soft) and nibblies (healthy) after class. My idea was to give a good send-off on a happy occasion to members of our small yoga community.
I have built communities like this incipient one out of two different yoga schools, Sydney Yoga Centre and Simply Yoga – over twenty-five years.
When I think of how many people came through those yoga doors in various states of disarray and walked out taller, straighter, lighter, looser, calmer, and even, as one student put it, nicer to people, of course, I’m heartened.
Here’s some of those people from my own farewell from Sydney in Nov. 2009:

- god-speed

Farewell Simply Yoga

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  1. I am pleased to say I am one of those people you have farewelled and who definitely walked out of your teaching and mentoring taller, looser, calmer, wiser, more empathetic and sympathetic, soulful and brighter. I am now being reminded and refreshed by your words (and your practices) and so it’s “hello” again as opposed to “farewell”. Thank you dear Eve. xx


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