Getting Older

Mar 1, 2011 | Health, Humour | 1 comment

Now there’s a title to send the reader running out the back door, or checking the bathroom mirror for chin hairs or eBay for exercise bikes.
It’s just a fact of life. Really. We all are getting on.
The Good Weekend Magazine is meeting the need to educate the public  on this topic with “The Getting of Wisdom: Lessons Learnt from Life” column. I read it avidly. Last week Colleen McCullough, author, age 75, featured in it.
If you missed it, here’s a couple of gems.

Getting Older – Old age is an ordeal, of flesh and mind. Of winding down, of slowing down, of dying cells. It’s accepting the loss of physical attractiveness and replacing it with the power and the wisdom that only come with old age.
Legacy – My books and other works are my legacy, and it’s a great comfort to know that mine is a legacy of pleasure for other people.
Her laugh – Long before I was famous, my laugh was. It’s what’s called a belly laugh – the body has to have enough substance to reverberate.

If the subject of ageing intrigues you, even just a little, there’s a lovely exhibition coming up this week in Sydney called Sages. Robyn Lambert has put together a photo exhibition of 100 individuals from age 0 to 104. Yours truly has been photographed and interviewed for it. Perhaps you’d like to get along to the Chrissie Cotter Gallery from the opening night March 24 to 27 in Camperdown.
Here’s the SAGE_Invite
Let me know what you think, if you attend.

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