It’s a very beautiful thing to be present in yoga practice – to do our postures connecting the mind to each part of the physical body. It’s the most subtle kind of touching, the intelligence awakening internal and external anatomy.
Since it’s impossible to simultaneously quicken all of one’s body, the best that we can do is rouse the parts sequentially, a miniscule hammer vibrating piano strings.
I like the image of indigenous songlines, unseen paths that cross land or sky, like invisible Chinese meridians or the Indian nadis of our bodies. Songs sung along short or vast distances bring the Country into existence, creating waterholes, deserts, valleys and ridges. In the same way our minds can join with our breath, switch on muscles, stroke heartstrings, causing our bodies to come alive.

Kimberly Old People

Usually we view our bodies from yesterday’s perspective while our minds enjoy jumping into the future. In yoga, when we keep refining our practice, they come together in the present to create vitality and radiance.

Rock Plant