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I’m not talking about an object to control electronic equipment, I’m talking about living at a distance from amenities.
I had a terrible shock last year when I needed to travel from Mitchells Island to Byron Bay to teach in the yoga therapy course. I found out I couldn’t fly there directly. No, I needed to fly to Sydney first.
Another year has rolled around. I’m wanting to get up to Byron again for the same course and encountering similar travel difficulties. I can take the train, but that takes about four hours longer than the drive. I could rent a car and drive but that’s more expensive than flying. A bus perhaps?
This is the trade-off for living in paradise. I’m still hanging on to my favoured Sydney health practitioners. When I needed surgery last year I wasn’t game to have it done in Taree or even Newcastle. So, Daniel and I have done a few miles back and forth to the Big Smoke over the last 15 months.
Happily, I’ve found a general practitioner I like in Old Bar. I may even have found a hair dresser.
Really it’s worth it, living in the country. Each day there are surprises. I found this little guy today on the Brugmansia plant today. He’s less than an inch with red eyes. How did he get to be on the shrub, all by himself? Did I remove his food source by squishing the voracious bugs invading the plant? Will he be gone tomorrow?

- remote

Tiny Frog

Here’s another thing we found today. The Stag Horn is tucked away in the wetland paperbark forest. Oh, it’s so beautifully moist and earthy there. It fairly calls out for a bower, a grotto, a sanctuary – some sort of place where one might reflect on the advantages of isolation.

- remote

Stag Horn Fern


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