You're Hot, You're Sweaty & You Need to Relax!

Feb 4, 2011 | Healing, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 0 comments

We all need to relax. Cyclones and flooding in Queensland, bush fires in Victoria, mega-snowstorms in the U.S., and insurrection in Egypt.
Even over here in peaceful Mitchells Island, this evening the neighbour’s dog monstered the gelding who got loose and ran all around our property. Daniel calmed the horse but the dog bailed me up till help arrived.

- you're hot, you're sweaty & you need to relax!

Trouble brewing

So, here’s an Eve Relaxation for you. Of course, it works best if you can put it down as an audio recording.

Lie down with your head and neck supported, arms and legs a comfortable distance apart. Feel that your body is lying symmetrically and once you’re fairly even, give yourself permission to relax and do nothing for the next little while.
Release your body and relax any mental tension, too. Leave aside any concerns of the day. Be in the moment, watching yourself let go.
Scan your body, all around it, inside it, noticing any sensations of contraction, discomfort, tension, and let every bit of it go.
Bring your awareness to your hands – palms, thumbs, fingers, the space between your fingers, fingertips, finger nails, backs of your hands – not thinking about them, but feeling the sensations right now. Feel the energy in your hands.
Feel your hands as they become less dense, less thick, less contracted, and more spacious and more comfortable.
Let the feeling of relaxation flow up through your arms until your lower and upper arms and shoulders feel more at ease.
Bring your awareness to your feet. Feel them, and relax the soles of each foot, the arches, the toes, the space between the toes, the top of each foot and then the ankles and heels. Feel the energy in your feet, not thinking about them, but feeling the sensations.
Let the feeling of relaxation flow up through your both legs, torso and head until your whole body is releasing.
Your lower body – legs, ankles, calves, shinbones, knees, thighs, inner thighs, back of your thighs, as well as your hips, pelvis, and buttocks – all comfortable where you’re lying. Not just thinking about your lower body, not picturing it, but feeling it in this moment.
Relax your abdomen on the surface and on the inside. Let your breathing be completely normal, releasing your diaphragm. Gentle breathing relaxing your diaphragm, ribs, chest, lungs and heart. The whole area without tension. Let go completely.
Soften your neck, throat, face and head. Release your mouth on the inside, the corners of your mouth, lips and jaw. Relax your nose, cheeks, ears, the back of your head, scalp muscles, forehead, eyebrows and especially your eyes. Let go the muscles around your eyes, the muscles deep in the eye sockets, the inner corners of your each eye, the outer corners, eyelids, eyelashes, the pupils and the space between your brows.
Soften every tension you come across now and let your eyes fall back from the eyelids into your skull. Finally relax your facial features, bring your inner gaze down into your heart centre and dwell there a few minutes more.

- you're hot, you're sweaty & you need to relax!

Golden Buddha


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