Bush Poetry

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- bush poetry

Looking South

Peter from Dingo Creek Rainforest Nursery visited us today and read us poetry from the bush at the back of our block.
What I mean is, he led a little expedition with Mike, Daniel and Heather into the 2.5 acres of our wetland, an area we usually stringently avoid. Mozzie-ridden, weed infested, sodden, chthonic, it’s a place we would prefer to forget.
And yet, through Peter’s eyes, the evening exploratory party discovered some beautiful vegetation.
- bush poetry


Maybe it’s a sure sign that I’ve gone bush but I hear poetry when I listen to the names of native flora:
Pink Bloodwood/Flooded Gum/Acacia/Scrambling Lily/Raspberry Bush/Lily Pili/Red Ash/Cheese Tree/Bleeding Hearts/Breynea/Ziera/Whiskey Grass/Poison Peach/Lamandra Grass/Wattle/Scentless Rosewood/Mock Olive/Sarsaparilla Vine
We have a massive amount of work to do to allow the natives to have their rightful place again. Giant and opportunistic pines have to be felled. Noxious weeds need to be eradicated. But after today, we have an exciting new take on the land’s potential and a new listening for the wistful sighs of emerging plant life.
- bush poetry

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