Australia has a hard, even at times cruel, climate, one that keeps complacency at bay. It seems one of the most extraordinary things to me that our farmers keep going back to husband the land after fires, floods and plagues. Tragic stories of lost properties and livestock  abound accompanied by stories of communities pulling together for mutual support, as in the recent Queensland flooding.
We’ve been very blessed this season on Mitchells Island – spared, as we’ve been from the 40 degree temperatures of the Drought Years and saved from the northern floods of this year. There’s been just the right amount of rain to give our new gardens beds a leg up, but not so much as to keep us away from the beach for long.
I’ve been saying this is the best summer I’ve ever experienced, which is pretty good at 66 years old. What makes it so?
Health, for one. Almost a year after double hip surgery, my mobility’s returned.
Location. Moving to the country has been a complete success in every way. Living close to Nature is a dream fulfilled.
Work. I’ve been able to teach when I want to and recreate often.
Community. I’ve connected with new groups of people here as well as staying in contact with old friends and students. The small community we’ve created is working out well in unforeseen ways. Our love of each other continues to grow.
Yoga. I feel such good fortune in having the Shed, a place for me and others to do yoga, putting down layers of practice, day by day, week by week, like the Burmese Buddhists who lay gold leaf on their statues.
Perfect, fecund summer days will pass into autumn, then winter. But while we’re still in this mango/melon season, life is sweet.