My bridge teacher tells me that if I lead a certain card that that promises I have something to back it up. It’s like nonverbal code to let my partner expect a next play will turn out according to his expectations. Better not be misleading.
We went to a Sydney Festival performance last night which had garnered awards when shown in other cities. And the lead performer had had accolades heaped on him from past Festival events. My expectations were dashed as the show proved rather self-indulgent and the music, to my sore ears, strident.
It’s common, when we do yoga practice, to expect a steady improvement in our abilities over time.
From my 40 years of experience, it don’t work like that. We take holidays, get sick, have kids, get jaded, overwork, and what not that ruins our anticipated betterment.
Good idea to take things at face value, not go into reaction and accept “it is what it is”.
That way, when the bridge play works, when a performance is stellar or when grace shines on your activity – whether yoga practice or writing a blog post –
it’s a delightful surprise.