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At the concert tonight we were asked by the emcee to pay homage to the custodians of the Bellingen valley, the Gumbayngirr people. Then, the African drummers who were performing for us said that they were the custodians of the music of their countries – Kenya and Ghana.
This sort of deference, of respect for ancestors, is very much a part of yoga practice. I generally finish my yoga session by sitting for a few moments in gratitude for the system which has a remarkably long lineage and rich history.
This week, as a result of doing the Life Stories writing course, I’ve been thinking more about my past and the meaning of it in this present moment. I’ve considered for many years that my personal history was something that needed vanquishing. I can see another perspective now – that my life story is something I can be custodial about. One’s heritage is another precious resource, like the earth. It needs connecting with, safeguarding, and sharing.

- custodians

Yosemite Falls


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