Janu Sirsasana

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- janu sirsasana
Janu Sirsasana is sometimes called – perhaps somewhat optimistically –  “head-to-knee” pose. It is a posture that I think of having a split personality, like the ancient Roman deity Janus, with two faces. Part forward bend and part lateral twist, these two movements don’t always want to go together harmoniously and can actually end up competing.
For instance, you really want to go forward over your extended leg, and so you turn slightly to go there,  but one shoulder raises, the other drops, and you find yourself in twisted tension. Remembering that your yoga teacher told you forward bends are meant to be put you in a calm frame of mind.
I’ve done a little audio recording for you which gives a few fine details to help you adjust yourself in Janu Sirsasana. It’s my intention these details make the pose a little more user-friendly.
Click on play button to listen – it’s a little under 6 minutes long:
[EDIT: Unfortunately I needed to delete the audio because the material was based on a book by Donald Moyer and his publisher asked that it be removed. If you’re interested you could read the book – Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body. It’s the real deal.]
If you’d like to download your own copy right click on the following link: [EDIT: link removed].


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