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Sunset@Mitchells Island

Lots of people ask me what the best thing is about having moved to the country. Maybe they are trying to build a case for doing the same?
Every time I get this question, I make it up. I don’t have a pat answer. I also don’t remember what I said the last time.
I know that sounds strange. It’s because describing what’s good about being here is almost beyond words. Nevertheless, I’m supposed to be a wordsmith so here goes….
I start the day walking  out into the gentle early am atmosphere of our garden, acknowledging the plants we put in a few months ago and appreciating their lusty growth. Then I install myself in the Yoga Shed to practice and I’m looking out on the view. I’ve come to love it so much, it’s as though I’m in it.
I do my poses, taking in the view. I’m in my body and, simultaneously feeling into the outside environment. I mentally greet the various birds that strut or sweep through the tableau: Currawongs, Kookas, Parrots, Cockies, and today, Ducks.
I feel the vibe of the season, which is right now very expansive and sultry. Even though I feel into Nature, I feel she comes to me, creating internal space and clearing away thinking. I sigh often.
Something has happened over the weeks and months since arriving here. This way of going with Nature has helped me find my own natural rhythm.
You must know how when you live in the city, life is being fired at you point blank, and sometimes you are ducking and weaving and running in place, but still trying to keep up. Then on holidays and breaks, you would like to stop, and you do, but usually you’re just so tired that Nature can’t find a way in. And, really, you’re mind hasn’t stopped.
I wasn’t looking for any spiritual experiences by moving here, and maybe that’s not what’s happening. I’m just letting Nature have her way with me.


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  1. yes…. you put it perfectly Miss Eve 🙂


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