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Ganesha & Flipflops

January 1st of last year I launched Yoga Suits Her.
Therefore it seems auspicious  (a word often applied to felicitous Indian things!) to re-launch today – Jan. 1, 2011.
I never realised when I started out e-musing that I would like doing it so much. To be able to stay in contact with friends and students through this medium, and even garner new yoga friends along the way, is a delight. The medium of the internet is in many ways quite miraculous; it fulfils the yoga notion of bringing more of us together instantly and efficiently.
I’ve learned a few things along the way.
My readers are practical. You like to see sequences that you can down-load or read information that can be applied in your yoga teaching or practice.
You want authenticity as well as inspiration. I’ve taken some risks and let you see more and more of my human side, rather than just the teacher on a pedestal.
And, of course, you like humour.
Some of my plans for this year include giving you more yoga practices – relaxations, general and special needs sequences, pranayama, and for teachers, information on adjusting students. I haven’t yet mastered the audio and video functions on this blog, but they are on my list.
If you haven’t looked around the various pages of the site, have a squizzie and you’ll find some new items, including some of the events in which I’ll be participating this year.
In our small community, we set the beginning of each year to do an exercise together. As individuals we speak about the successes, incompletions, and perhaps even failures of 2010 – to help clean the slate. Then, we state what our hopes and aspirations are for 2011. It’s uncanny how often we have realised our visions by Dec. 31st.

T.S. Eliot has said it well:
For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice
And to make an end is to make a beginning.


  1. Wonderful news Eve. I look forward to each blog.
    Following the now well-known and spectacular public failure of a handstand as part of celebrating my 80th birthday, I have now introduced a marginally different yoga practice: I have abandoned my savasana of the past 20 years (a glass or two of good chardonnay).
    From now on it is a decent shiraz.
    Also, and following a lapse since leaving Broome, am about to recommence my regular unicycle practice (but now pre-savasana).

    • Oh, Collyn, you’re a hoot! I’m really looking forward to seeing you, and your unicycle, in Church Point soon.
      XO E

    • I understand completely. However, I believe that a decent merlot is a bit more yogic. Sorry about the handstand.

      • It should be noted that Daniel sometimes gives bad advice 😉 E

  2. Thank you Daniel – I value your advice and shall experiment merlot-wise


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