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Dec 30, 2010 | Community, Healing, Wisdom, XCommunity, Yoga practices | 1 comment

Part of my rhapsodic descriptions of Mitchells Island living are coloured rosy by the great people who I share our property with. We’ve known each other for decades.
Five of the six of us are yoga practitioners, and it’s pretty cool when we’re out in the yoga shed together for pranayama or asana practice.
A few years ago when we were still in the planning stage of our communal experiment, we hit a barrier, not surprisingly financial. It looked like our vision of living together was fast going down the gurgler. One of us had a great idea. We got in an independent facilitator who staged a day-long workshop. Heather briefed him from her huge experience in being a corporate trainer, and he led us through our emotional mine fields until we were out in the clear, and behaving like we were all a united front again.
Out of that workshop, we decided to commission a house designer which put in train the ultimate realisation of our dream.
Living happily in community is probably not ever a foregone conclusion. At the end of more than a full year of living in our new home, our relationships with each other needed work. So, we set aside this afternoon to run a workshop for ourselves with the avowed purpose of getting back in loving relationship.
The sharing each of us individuals did was deep, revealing and touching. It’s a truly remarkable group that can facilitate their own session and end up fulfilling the purpose of the meeting. I felt proud of us and proud to be a part of this group.

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  1. you 6 totally rock my world even from afar. thank you thankyou thankyou


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