Dec. 25th in Oceana

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- dec. 25th in oceana

The Incredibly Beautiful Salt Water Beach

With a bit of cajoling and a bit of coercing, my housemates and Daniel have agreed to make “guest appearances” on my blog today. (Their views are coloured by their North American origins.)
Here’s what Daniel has to say:
Rick  describes the antipodal sort of Christmas Day we’ve been experiencing for his Canadian family and friends:
And, here’s Heather’s spin on this exquisite day we’ve been enjoying:
- dec. 25th in oceana

Saltwater Swim & Promenade

As for me, today has been the quietest day of the year. (Happily, the shops are closed.)
I’ve spent much of today going about tasks or recreation, mentally bumping into friends and family whom I’ve been thinking about a lot. Blogging, email and skype have made the world so much smaller but they will never take the place of one minute spent in the physical company of loved ones.
Something about getting older makes the appreciation of those dear to you more and more poignant, especially, as it is in our household when so many of them are at a distance of 12,000 km. Even if you find the rellies hard to take in big doses during the holidays, imagine if you had to travel 12 or 14 hours to see them.
Have a great break no matter what you get up to. It seems Australians do leisure well. (Maybe tomorrow is the start of your regular yoga practice?)


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