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Dec 20, 2010 | Community, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 1 comment

- treasure trove

Orange Cumulus Cloudscape

(The photo has nothing to do with the content of this post, but is redolent of my rural setting, so I wanted to share it with you.)
Many friends of mine have parents who are either moving into aged care facilities or, sadly, have moved on to Another Plane. As a result, family homes need to be cleaned up, put on the market and sold. My friends complain how much work it is to sort out possessions amassed over a long life, especially when the relative has been a serious hoarder.
I don’t save stuff. I’m the opposite. I love taking things to Vinnies or the tip. Empty space helps me keep my brain empty, in a yogic sense, that is.
With one exception. Yoga documents. Besides what resides in my computer, I have boxes and shelves of yoga books, magazines and info. In addition, I have 8 archival quality binders which store, for the most part, yoga sequences.
Just because these practices are conveniently set aside doesn’t mean they don’t occupy headspace. Therefore, I’ve  begun giving some of my stockpile away on this blog.
So, if you are a teacher and feel you would like to inject the Savasana segment of your yoga class with something fresh, here is a script influenced by Ramanand Patel (Feather Pipe Ranch, 1988): RamanandSavasana
Here’s a tip, if you are not a yoga teacher, and you would like to relax with an audio visualisation, you can record yourself reading the text for the Savasana into your iPhone or whatever you have on hand. You’ll have it with you wherever you go over these holidays!

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  1. hey eve i just recorded that savasana onto my new iphone!!
    speak soon love kd XO


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