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Who would have thought? I am 66 yrs. old today. Twenty-three years older than my father when he passed away, and thirteen years older than my mother when she passed on. It may be that their relatively young demises led me to seek out the youth-ifying benefits of yoga. I can’t say for sure.
The first enjoyable thing I did on this beautiful balmy, summery day was head for the Yoga Shed…not to do yoga but to do weights. I do enjoy creating muscles, especially arms and shoulders.
The second enjoyable thing was having coffee with Daniel and friends Rick and Heather at the cafe on the river.
Number three was greeting our weekend guests Peter and Billy, up from Sydney to help me celebrate my birthday. We took them to the ocean for a walk, an unfailingly wonderful thing to do.
Four was having my birthday dinner, which Peter lovingly and almost non-chalantly prepared. The six of us shared an extraordinary bottle of Duckhorn merlot which Daniel and I brought back from our visit to the Napa-Sonoma Valley in October.
And finally, we did my favourite group entertainment, playing a sort of parlour game called “Famous Names”. What is so engaging for me is the potential for laughing until one is crying at something so stupid that it will invariably lose its humour in translation, but who cares.
I had so many birthday greetings…texts, Facebook messages, phone calls and emails. I feel well-loved and blessed.

- six-six

Eve in Eden


  1. How beautiful and radiant you look in your photo! Birthday wishes for more of what you love!

    • Thank you, Amanda. It’s been overwhelming getting birthday wishes! How great to have the Internet. Warmly, E.

  2. Clickety-click. Good score!
    Happy Birthday, Eve.

    • Thank you, Lindy. What is clickety-click? E.

  3. Happy birthday!!!
    You must be at a sacred number: 66 !!!!!!
    Kerry and I look forward to seeing you again some time soon.
    Luv Diane

    • Hey, how are you, Diane? Did you have your book launch? We would love to have you visit us soon!
      XO E.

  4. Hi Eve,
    66 – your look absolutely fabulous!!!
    love Yve x

    • Thanks for your birthday greetings and kind words, Yvette. I think about you not infrequently and wonder how you are going. Fond regards,

  5. Hi Eve, Thank you for the flopasana practice, does it have to be humid and 35 degrees to be allowed to do? Sounds good for any floppy time. Happy belated birthday. 66 on the 6th…Love Tania

    • Yes, any old time, Tania. It’s all yours! Have you finished your course for this year?
      XO E.


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