I fear at times the answer to the sped-up-time question is “from not paying attention”, and after nearly 40 years of practising yoga, I certainly hope I can do better than that.
I bought a book for my husband a few years ago called, Why Does Time Speed Up With Age? I’m pretty sure he didn’t read it. Maybe he didn’t have time?
Still, it’s a question I ask myself regularly, as do others of my friends, who like me, are of a certain age. Someone’s grandmother said: “I get up and have breakfast and pretty soon it’s night and time for bed.”
My days don’t go quite that fast, but I still find myself in the question.
There are time-wasting moments that somehow stretch into more than moments. Stop-and-smell-the-roses moments. Watching and listening to birds. Walking on the beach. Hanging out with kids. Watching bovine creatures. Gardening.
I would hate for us to put taking photos and writing a blog in this category, so let’s not 😉

Pushing s--- uphill

Farmer Scott's cows

Eve, Grace and Nick

Eve & Daniel @ Saltwater

King Parrot

Pelican @ Manning Point

Shy Eastern Rosella