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Nov 5, 2010 | Health | 0 comments

Yesterday, on a visit to Sydney i saw Dr. Apte, today Dr. Highfield.
I’ve been a member of a club you wouldn’t want to belong to. A peridontist’s patient. I’ve been attending biannual meetings with these sorts of specialists for nearly 20 yrs.
A peridontist is more than a dentist. He or she is also a surgeon, a practitioner of peridontics, a speciality that deals with gum disease.
There! I’ve outed myself. I had, and have conquered in recent years, my pesky problem gums – hand and hand with my trusty gum doctor.
You should know, as the curious audience you are, that one can be hereditarily predisposed to gum disease. That may be my sad parental bequest. I’ll never know as both parents are long departed. I suspect though, I probably contributed to the problem through lack of care.
Not every difficulty can be helped by perfecting your asanas. If you want to avoid putting the equivalent of a small house down payment into your mouth, see your dental practitioner regularly and, of course’ don’t forget to floss!


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