The Growing Season

Oct 29, 2010 | Gardening, Nature, Pleasure, Yoga practices | 2 comments

- the growing season

Tropical Fuchsia

Ever since returning from the U.S. last week, I’ve been happily ensconced in the Yoga Shed each morning around 6:30. My body is remembering the grooves it used to slip into with ease before holidays and even before major surgery through up barriers to progress. I am very blessed by having this studio to play in, Heather to practice with and the amazing green vistas we look out on.
You can hear things growing this time of year. Honest! A farmer’s field that only looked like empty furrows last week is full of green shoots a couple of inches high. Pastures are filled with thickly clumped grasses for fattening up the cattle. The horses have lost their winter coats and look more bright-eyed and playful.
Those black-earthed garden beds that we nurtured with all things organic for nine months are invitingly wormy now and are at last productive .
Even since our planting last week, the Homalocladium platycladum have gained centimetres in height and the Portulaca have opportunistically stretched out their tendrils in such a receptive environment and season.
The early morning dew spreads the thinnest of covers over our lawns, trees and plants. As I walk by on my way to the Yoga Shed, they exhale and the fragrance is delightful; it will be gone by the time I finish my practice.
What a way to get into the day!


  1. Eve, You are making all my chakras water….
    I will be in OZ from the 13th of December and will make it up as we go{teenager and I]. Shanti is very excited and I am working on being a mother without being one. This will be our last holiday together as she only wants the company of other teenagers. A new chapter for us both.
    Autumn in London is awesome, I am often out very early and experience the rising red skies with the breath taking colours of the trees. I always sit at the top and the front of double decker buses and marvel at the sky, especially now.
    My first passion before yoga is walking and I am blessed in doing lots of both every day.
    I look forward to practising both in the oz bush and cities.
    you are an inspiring influence in my life.
    Tank you.

  2. Thank you, Kahti!
    I’ve seen photos of Shanti on your Facebook pages. She’s is exquisite.
    Do you have a time when you think of coming for a visit. Let me know in advance. I’d love to see you and to have you see our place, and summer is a busy time here. Sending love, E.


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