From Haigt-Ashbury to Marin County

Oct 15, 2010 | Yoga practices | 0 comments

One of my favourite places on earth, Marin is synonymous with everything au naturel, from alpha sprouts to hemp clothing. Coming off the Golden Gate Bridge from the glorious city of San Francisco, you go through a tunnel entrance ringed with a rainbow that to me announces a shifting of the seismic plates from hard to soft reality. On the other side, you will be in a region with way more masseuses, yoga teachers, psychic healers and diet savvy people than even Byron Bay, just because of California’s huge population.
Do I feel at home here? Of course! But for one thing: A kind of hole in environmental awareness. Walking and public transport are unfortunately missing. The car pooling lane on the freeways are rather empty. There’s a dearth of hills hoists, rainwater tanks, solar panels, and low-flush toilets.
Daniel and I are here, staying with HAI facilitators Donna and Peter. Friday we will travel 3 hrs. north to attend a workshop at Harbin Hot Springs. I would say that I’ve learned much of how I “be” from these workshops that I’ve participated in in Australia over the years – This will be my first one at the home of the workshops, a lovely retreat centre north of the Napa wine country.

Harbin Statue

However, today I’m looking forward to attending a nearby yoga class whose instructor is advertised as one of the area’s best Iyengar teachers.
Stay tuned!


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