Lake Shasta

Oct 12, 2010 | Nature | 0 comments

Our current port of call is our friends’ houseboat on this man-made lake in Northern California.
There’s hardly anyone about because this is the end of the season with cooler temperatures – maybe 10 degrees o’nite. But daytime in the mid-twenties.
So with a dearth of other boaters, it’s absolutely peaceful here and the houseboat’s flat roof is perfect for yoga practice and very conducive for meditating.
We’ve slept under the stars on the roof, bundled in our doona, and searching out northern hemisphere constellations, like the Big Dipper. Jupiter is nearer at the moment and stands out more than any other star.
This is the most peaceful we’ve been on our U.S. journey. I’ve always loved houseboats and one of my favorite communities is at Saucilito, Ca., where people live on their houseboats permanently.
A simple, pared-down lifestyle, rather yogic, I think.


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