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Why don’t people hold age as a complimentary thing?
I’m not naive. There are so many difficulties; every sense is under siege -loss of hearing, vision, even sense of taste.
Gravity is going to have an increasingly deleterious effect on skin, muscles, and organs.
The result of the above is considered decidedly unsexy. If you are relatively unscathed, you are said to be “good for your age”. You are “spry” or you still have all your marbles.
It’s been a long time since anyone challenged my senior status. The other day I was directed towards the “Wise Woman” products at The Body Shop.
(I didn’t purchase any.)
I see many gifts in being my age, I think this is partly because I don’t fight it. I’m quite sure my sense of humour has improved because it had to.
My years have given me grey hair but also skills and experience that make life happier and more harmonious.
I love what my friend Libbie Nelson, who is now in India, has written about the difference between when we first went there to study yoga 25 years ago and now.
In those days, she said, “my yoga was experimental, exciting and full-on and now it has become mature and mellow.
It’s allowed me to become more myself and support my extra years.”
The gist of it is that age can lead to freedom – the ultimate gift.


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