The Valley Of the Sun

Oct 3, 2010 | Nature | 0 comments

Nestled among four mountain ranges,
Tucson Arizona is beloved to me as I went to high school and university way back when.
I formed my tastes for the desert, country and western music and mouth-watering Mexican food here.
I misspent part of my younger years drinking pitcher beer and making out under fragrant lemon trees in full bloom.
Happily I have relatives here to visit or I might skip Tucson’s western charms in favor of alluring undiscovered regions.
And happily, the rellies thus far have been congenial.
My yoga mat is a bit dusty after a couple days or non-use. My practice consists generally of being nice to myself and others. Anyone who says that’s a goal too hard to attain, I say, well, that’s why it’s called practice!


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