Yoga practice is a portable affair as we travel to different towns, mainly one night per hotel. So delicious to start the day getting grounded and centred.
Especially as war has featured rather largely though accidentally in our visits to different towns.
I can say that the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC is one of the most remarkable exhibitions I’ve ever seen. It’s an intensely evocative experience and I would go again. Perhaps the Aussie expression, “Lest we
Forget”, applies.
Yorktown, Gettysburg, Valley Forge – American Revolutionary and Civil War sites – attract huge crowds of patriotic citizens.
Williamsburg, Virginia is dubbed the largest living history museum in the world. It chronicles the early settlers’ exploits and ordeals in elaborate (and expensive) re-enactments.
The visitor centers have very high security checks – no backpacks at all allowed into Gettysburg. A common warning sign asks us to leave our firearms behind. Duh-uh!
Having lived in Australia for nearly 35 years, I’ve had the mickey taken out of me many times. I’m realizing how much of good ole American patriotism I’ve had taken out of me too.