Over the last month of traveling in the U.S.. Eek, it really is a whole month. Yes, I have squeezed in a few poses here and there, but most posing has been done in front of a camera.
Daniel and I have seen some wondrous sights on this trip: the giant granite monoliths of Yosemite, the monstrous and ancient sequoia trees, the iconic monuments of Washington DC, and most recently, the beautiful blue ridge mountains of Shenandoah park.
It’s fascinating being a tourist in one’s own country. This place is so vast and varied. So is Australia, of course, but here there are people everywhere. Especially on the east coast where the first attempts to domesticate this land were made.
In fact, as I write this, I’m within a few miles of Jamestown, Virginia, said to be the first European settlement.
What this has to do with yoga practice is a stretch 🙂 of the imagination. Except if you consider appreciation and gratitude for what I’ve seen and experienced as spiritual practice.