My yoga practice is in tatters at the moment. And somehow I’m surviving and I can still hold my head high as a yoga teacher.
Maybe there is a category, a branch of yoga, if you will, which is practicing being in relationship with your family. I’ve been deep in that.
After years of being the black sheep out in Australia, I’m delighted to find that my American family has embraced me and seems to like me very much.
And they are gorgeous: my two juicy nieces, my adorable grand niece and grand nephew, my nephew and niece-in-law who are so gracious and generous as our hosts, and finally my brother-in-law and his fiancée, who is a warm-hearted and fun addition to family.
Good family experiences are as satisfying as the fresh crab feasts we’ve been eating here in Maryland. I’m leaving this part of the world tomorrow full of love and happy memories.
A good yoga practice can do that too but is as rare as the perfect, sunny autumn day we spent in Washington DC today.
Here’s a couple of my good-looking family members: