First I should mention yoga mainly because I haven’t been doing that, and, after all, this is meant to be a yoga-type blog.
The last two mornings I’ve done a little yoga practice but not enough to have broomed every nook and cranny of my body where dust (especially dust) and spider webs have been collecting since arriving on US soil. No worries. One day I’ll get back to the Yoga Shed on Mitchells Island.
But, for now, the next few weeks are family-centric – now Daniel’s, and soon mine.
John Cleese wrote a book called, I believe, “Families: How to Survive Them”. But do we ever really?
One thing I noticed about my husband’s huge family is how they can communicate by all talking at once. It’s what they do. How that makes me feel is, at best, discombobulated, and , at worst, judgmental. Hey, it’s impolite, isn’t it? I’ve done years of personal development on good communication.
Family is family, a circle of embracing arms that includes sometimes bracing conversation.
Here’s the clan: