I'd like to say I'm better but…

Aug 16, 2010 | Health, Nature, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 4 comments

- i'd like to say i'm better but...

Iris look-alikes

…no. If anything my cold is worse (mucous, hard to write that without the “yuk”) and now something else is happening, a sort of southerly movement of scratchiness down into my chest. I found myself apologising to Daniel this morning for my libido suffering from this cold, too. Sigh. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot.
Nevertheless somethings are under control: my yoga practice, for one, and I even managed to teach a class tonight, for another.
Also, I have an unblunted appreciation for the signs of spring that appearing all around our garden and our neighbourhood…. Every day we get one more minute delay before dusk falls, and the sun crests a little higher at midday than the day before. So, no matter how pitiful I feel about my state of health, it’s against a background of hopefulness – spring is inexorably on its way! I’m so blessed to live here on Mitchells Island connected to Nature.
- i'd like to say i'm better but...

China Lady


  1. yes, Spring is soon … !
    But stay on the path to wellness friend ..
    and even more signs of a Spring flush will be your reward ..

    • I would rather have the bloom of good health than a Spring flush, but maybe I can have both!
      XO Eve

  2. Sorry to hear about The Cold! Spring is not doing much showing here in North Sydney… I am writing for the first buds on our bare tree at the front! and though I love the cold I am over this winter!
    Hope you are better by next week!!!
    P.S. I think your Iris look alikes are Diethes

  3. Thank you! I knew someone would know what those flowers were. I thought Peter the Great would beat you to it!
    XO E.


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