A Night In Rio

Aug 9, 2010 | Community, Pleasure | 2 comments

Well, actually the Night happened in Wingham, a sleepy, charming little town not far from Taree.

- a night in rio

Rio Poster

What was it? Part of an on-going series of events that draw on local performers. The last event was held at the Wingham pub and was a Burlesque Cabaret, in which Daniel and I both performed.
I’ve been blown away by how many people turn out for these evenings and how they enjoy getting dolled up for them. I suppose there’s something about living in a rural area where you have to make your own entertainment rather than drive to the city to see someone. There’s a wonderful spirit of community support here that I was delighted to discover.
- a night in rio

Charlie (Di)

We’ve discovered this same enthusiastic spirit in the community choir that we’ve joined. Talk about people from all walks of life. Very colourful and welcoming. After choir, a lot of the group go out to the Chinese restaurant for dinner. Someone usually brings a box of red wine.
- a night in rio

Telly - Our Choir Director

One of the fears I had when moving from “my base” in Sydney was that we would end up in kind of a wasteland, starting from scratch building our connections.
Now, don’t get me wrong; the Sydney folks are long, strong relationships, but it’s good to know that we can easily include ourselves here too.
- a night in rio

Chicita (with fruit)

- a night in rio

Mike ? and Bart ?


  1. Surely not all country towns are this much fun! Looks like even more fun than the Cabaret at the pub… love Michael’s mo!! where are the pics of you two? Did Daniel do his ventroliquism act? were Paul and Paula there??

  2. Hi there,
    No, this part of the world that we’re discovering is special. The pub and town hall experiences were totally different but equally fun. Paul and Paula were absent but the strange ventriloquist was there, with a different song. Sadly, no one took our photos. I was dressed in a long lacy black skirt, black velvet bustier, maroon wrap, and feathered headband.
    XO E.


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