A Good Day

Aug 4, 2010 | Nature, Pleasure | 3 comments

Happier than a calf on the teat….

- a good day

Morning milk break

Happier than a white horse rolling around in the mud….
Happier than a sun-shiny day after weeks of rain and clouds….
Happier than teaching yoga to my new crop of students….
Happier than the anticipation of 7 weeks holiday….
Happier than harvesting my first crop of tomatoes….
Happier than sitting in the sun, sheltered from the sun and reading a good book….
Happier than a beach walk at high tide….
Happier than a roaring fire and hot bowl of soup on a winter night….
It’s been a good day! And, yours?


  1. i am thrilled you are so excited – rubbed off on me honey xxx

  2. yes, its good to remember when we are happy – it just happens 🙂

  3. Calfe latte!


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