Time Wasters

Jul 28, 2010 | Nature, Wisdom | 4 comments

- time wasters

Potty Calf

Two all-time great distractions of the time wasting stakes are watching babies and watching baby animals. Sleeping or waking there is something other-worldly about them that fascinates us.
I confess to losing I don’t how much time today in observing Farmer Scott’s new calves out in the next-door pastures. Their mothers seemed rather indifferent to them and that’s when I started anthropomorphising.
My invented story about why they weren’t looking after their babies went like this: The cows had had rough labours. They needed to graze to get their strength back. Their milk hadn’t come in yet. Post-partum depression, even.
As for the calves – 4 of them – they were very shaky on their skinny little legs. Some had a few tumbles and then they lay down and rested a bit.
Mothers and calves stood around for most of the day. In heavy drizzle at times. What could be so interesting about that. Not just interesting but irresistible.
- time wasters

Potty Calves

It’s a great luxury of our country living that Daniel and I stop and look at some of the beautiful and amazing sights to be seen around us.
Maybe it’s just a way of presencing ourselves, of bringing ourselves into the moment the way we do in meditation.
Is it possible to meditate on cows? If so, then it wasn’t time wasted after all.


  1. I have always felt that our other species neighbours, friends and community members are great teachers when it comes to just being – meditation in each moment, rain, sun, action, stillness…
    and from my perspective, any moment spent in communion with nature enriches me and consequently my interactions with others…human or otherwise!
    I love to get a taste of life on Mitchell’s Island and feel the energy of the island through your posts…I can be there as well as here (Porto, Portugal) that way too…whilst I do my best to find peace and harmony with a Portuguese to English academic translation – why is Portuguese so complex? why is Portuguese academic writing so long winded and academic? why can’t I go lie on the grass in the park instead? oh to be a calf in the rain on Mitchell’s Island:)
    On the other hand…my immediate future includes yet another trip to Paris to see my darling Laura and surprise her on her birthday then enjoy some lovely days ther together…my guess is the calves have another certainty ahead of them which is less lively :((
    Eat more grass, you humans! Then you won’t have to eat us to get it for yourselves!!!

    • How fabulous to be able to link via the net and share very different perspectives, Amanda.
      I hope you can come for a visit to MI sometime. I know you’d love it here.
      Are you still with the Portuguese man?

  2. Gidday Eve
    as an old cowboy in my younger years I wanna give you my thoughts on “wether its possible to meditate on cows”
    I reckon it is if they are still enough, either standing or lying down, or you might fall off.
    Love from far off John

    • This is the funniest post that has ever shown up in my Comments. I didn’t even know that you were out there. Sending love, Eve


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