My sister who is older than I (I won’t say by how much although she looks younger than her years) suggested I follow up my “ageing” topic from yesterday.
I don’t know what to say exactly except something I’ve been noticing for a while. That is, many of my friends have parents who are going into nursing homes or progressive care facilities. They’ve reached an age where they can’t any longer live alone – either for physical reasons or mental decline.
My generation is most likely looking at our future. It seems sad that people need to be isolated at this stage of life; even though these homes accommodate groups of people, it’s not the same as having family or friends around.
It’s said by some that we come into the world alone and we leave the world alone. But this goes against what I have come to believe and experience in yoga. The definition of yoga is union, and the solace of this belief is that we are all interconnected, we are one, in fact. One way to experience oneness is through is through reflective practices. In yoga, these are yoga nidra, pranayama, meditation. Religions and other disciples like Buddhism offer their own spiritual practices.
It’s important to learn these practices early in life so that we build up inner reserves to draw on when we’re “getting on”. But really it’s probably never too late.