When I left Sydney in November of last year, I had a niggling concern that I was going to lose contact with my yoga community there. So, I instigated this almost-daily cyber writing, sending missives off into the ether, like homing pigeons with little messages attached to them. Amazingly, these missives have landed in far-flung places and been read by people whom I’ve never met in person.
So instead of realising my negative fantasy of being abandoned by old students and friends, I’ve widened my yoga circle and hopefully will continue to do so.
The experience of teaching in the Byron Yoga Therapeutics course this last week was great for two reasons. 1)  There would appear to be a plethora of teaching yogis who are keen to extend their knowledge and skills base and are willing to travel to do so – from Israel, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan and various parts of Australia. And, 2) We came together and not only learned practical things from each other but caused the matrix of yoga to connect more of us, which will result in the ripples spreading out further.
Community building can be a conscious practice, just like our asana or pranayama practice. We do it by staying in touch with each other and by being inclusive.
Today Daniel and I had an opportunity to include ourselves in the Mitchells Island community by helping a neighbour move house. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who likes moving; I certainly don’t. But, it makes a huge difference to have extra hands and healthy, strong backs on the job.