A friend who is a Passion Map coach has been in a process with me today of walking me through creating a Passion Map. You can look up the topic on line – http://passionmaps.com – but basically  a P M is like any map, a device for discovering where you are, helping chart directions and getting you to where you want to be.
The directions relate to interests that inspire you, even thrill you.  For me that would be yoga and yoga teaching, for sure. But also writing, as you would have easily figured out from the persistence of my blogging.
I made an interesting connection between this sort of mapping and the vinyamayakosha (visioning) I’ve been beating on your ears (eyes) with over several days.
Passion mapping is a packaged product, a relatively new tool, that helps cultivate vinyamayakosha….that puts us in touch with our wisdom/intuitive bodies…that builds up some muscle if this part of ourselves is slightly on the flabby side.
One small thing I discovered today is that I love listening to music and I somehow forgot that. Amazing how that happens.
So now, I’m digging out a few select albums to listen to this arvo and probably going out tonight to listen to live music at our local (Manning Point) cafe.
Is there anything that you love that’s slipped right off your radar? Or anyone?
Happy Saturday night!