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I did a fabulous yoga practice this morning. It’s one that I will present for Yoga Therapy Trainees in Byron Bay next week.
The sequence is a “download” from The Path to Holistic Health by BKS Iyengar and comprises poses for treating colds.
When I was still teaching in Sydney, I can’t tell you how often the teachers and I at Simply Yoga would do this sequence as a way of looking after ourselves. The best way to care for yoga students is to practice self-nurturance first.
I hope you manage to escape the winter season without a flu or cold, but I’m including the practice here just in case. Be warned: you’ll need to every yoga prop you can get your hands on!
Sequence for Self-Nurturance (Colds)
Uttanasana, 5 blocks, 2 support hands and 3 for the crown of head – 1 – 2 min.
Prasarita Padottanasana, 1 block or bolster – 1 -2 min.
Adho Mukha Svanasana, blocks support hands, 1 block for forehead – 1 – 2  min.
A.M.S., as above but with a bolster support for forehead, 1 -2  min.
Sirsasana, wall, 1-3 min.
Viparita Dandasana, 2 chairs, one for legs and feet, the other for lying back over, rolled towel under lumbar, mat on edge of chair, folded blanket & bolster support head, & yoga belt to bind legs, 1 min.
As above, with one chair, wall, rolled towel, folded blanket, bolster, – legs straight and feet at wall skirting board – 1 min.
Supta Baddha Konasana, bolster, blanket, yoga belt, 2 blocks, 5-10 min.
Supta Virasana, bolster, folded blanket, 5-10 min.
Setubhandasana, supported on 4 bolsters, belt for legs, 5-8 min.
Halasana, two chairs, two bolsters, blanket, 3 min. Shoulders rest on bolster, legs on bolster on chair. Second chair is for Sarvangasana so you can go from one to the other pose.
Sarvangasana, chair, bolster, 5 min.
Repeat Halasana
Setubhandasana, bench, mat, blanket, bolster, belt, 5-8 min. If you don’t have a setubandha bench, use the four bolsters again
Viparita Karani, wall, 2 bolsters, block, belt, 5-8 min.
Viloma 2 Breathing , chest supported on bolster, head/neck on blanket, eye covering, 20 cycles
Savasana, bolster & blanket, 5-10 min.


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