In this mini study of the Koshas, we’ve come to Jnanamayakosha, also known as Vinyamayakosha. The level of being that this “sheath” represents is sometimes called the wisdom or intuitive body – the level of intelligent thought and conceptualisation.
I have to admit I don’t fully understand all the terminology and perhaps that is because we have gone from looking at the physical level to more and more subtle ones.
So, I’ve intuited what I think this level is about. I may be way wrong so probably don’t quote me.
I think of this level as being where the rest – physical, energetic, psycho/emotional – all arise from. It is where, if we let go of our conditioned thinking, we actually co-create with our divine natures our reality. It is the domain of visioning, where we are no longer at the mercy of cause and effect, but rather can design our existence.
Oh dear, maybe I should stop here as I fear I’m going to get in trouble here with the skeptics out there. I really can’t give evidence that something called Jnanamayakosha exists. From experience, though, I know that it’s possible to create directions in life, as much as it’s possible to direct one’s mind.
I’m not talking about “the law of attraction” or about wishing something into reality. I’m trying, if clumsily, to describe the level of being where a disciplined intellect influences body, breath and mind. An example of this is when we use the tool of “sankulpa” (or resolve) in yoga practice to manifest healing, happiness, or peace in our relationships with others or with the planet. We do this out of being these abstract concepts, even though they may not exist in the real world.
I have experienced this subtle level at times. It’s not where I live. Like you most likely, I live in my head a lot of the time. But this is why we keep on doing the practices, to continuously evolve towards more subtle levels of being – and the integration of all of who we are.